Justice Or Mercy ?


Justice or Mercy?

What word resonates more in your mind?

Which did your heart gravitate toward first?

Let me ask it this way: do you think that someone who lies to your face, steals from you & gossips behind your back deserves justice or mercy?

Many times we are quick to lash back with bitterness & seek justice because we have been wronged.

Jesus told us to forgive others.

Do you forgive others or do you hold grudges?

If you’re not willing to show mercy, what makes you think that God will forgive you?

You deserve God’s wrath. You have committed many more sins against God than any person has ever committed against you.

God should give you justice in hell & He will do so unless something changes.

The road is wide that leads to destruction & many, Jesus said, will enter into.

You need to get on the narrow path.

How does that happen you might ask?

The Bible reveals that you need your sins forgiven & your heart changed to love the things that God loves.

God sent forth his Son, Jesus, born of the virgin Mary.

He lived a perfect sinless life keeping God’s laws; something you & I have failed to do.

Jesus laid down his life as a perfect substitute for sinners.

God’s justice was applied to Jesus on the cross so that mercy can be applied to you.

Repent (turn from your sins) and trust in the resurrected Jesus Christ.



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