Where Do You Leave Gospel Tracts ?

Sowing Seeds Of The Gospel



Here Are Some Great Places To Distribute And Leave A Gospel Tract


• In Shopping Carts
• In Clothes Pockets In Stores
• In Letters To Loved Ones
• Along With A Generous Tip
• On Seats In Restaurants
• Give To Fast Food Employees  
• Flight Attendants
• Cab Drivers
• Gas Station Workers
• Leave In Restrooms
• At Rest Areas
• On ATM Machines
• Bank Counters
• In Envelopes With Bill Payments
• In Elevators
• On Hotel Dresser For The Maid
• On Vending Machines
• On Newspaper Racks
• In Waiting Rooms
• On Seats At Airport
• On Subway Seats
• In The Planes Seat Pocket 
• Inside Books and Magazines
• On Bulletin Boards     




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