Idol Worship, American Style

Romans 1:25

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator who is forever praised. Amen.

Question ?

Do you think idol worship is a primitive cultural phenomenon and is not an issue in our country today?

Think again. What is one of the most watched television programs of all time?

Answer: American Idol. Don’t think for one minute the latest American Idol, sports figure, music, or movie celebrity is anything other than created. Sure there is natural talent, however it is enhanced, refined, and developed, frequently with surgical or chemical assistance.

I saw a snippet on the news recently of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. I was struck by the similarity of each contestant’s smile. It seemed every young lady’s teeth were large, white and perfectly formed. (Their dentists must have been so proud.)

I read an interview with Hugh Jackman, the star of X-Men Origins, in which the interviewer asked, “You look so amazing, how did you do it (his physique)?” Jackman answered, “I trained like I’ve never trained in my life before. If you wake up for 13 months at 3:45am and eat egg whites with no salt and one piece of wheat toast, you’ll be a Wolverine too. Trust me.”

Whether it is with the help of a dentist, surgeon, dietician, and expert trainer, Hollywood and the media have created idols for us to worship. And worship them we do. Go to a football, basketball, soccer, or baseball game and listen as the crowd chants and screams for its favorite player or team. Watch the entertainment news and see how riots break out as fans rush to get an autograph from the hottest movie or music star.

Paul writes, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie.” That is so true. The vast majority of Americans believe the lie of what they see represented on television or theater screens. Did God intend people to be physically perfect in every way? I don’t think so, He remembers that we are but dust, and our lives go by like a tale that is told. Yet so many of us worship these created images and things instead of God Almighty.

It is ok to attend sporting events (baseball, basketball, football, etc.) If we enjoy sports, so I am not speaking against professional athletics or the entertainment industry. I am only commenting on “idol worship”. In other words, when we give praise and honor to the created thing rather than the Creator of all things. To me, it just seems out of place. Do you know what I mean ?

In our society it seems to be more acceptable to be a fanatic for a sports figure or team, than it does for Jesus Christ. You can be certain that on any fall Sunday afternoon, there is more applause, cheering and yelling for your local professional football team than there is for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Church on Sunday mornings.

How much of a fanatic are you for Jesus?

Is Jesus just someone you keep up on a shelf in the closet until you need Him?

Are you excited about worship?

Do you approach the Lord with honor and praise?

Do you celebrate Him?

He alone is worthy of ALL our praise. We should be in continuous praise to our creator, God, and King. Not praising idols.

In the end, when you are drawing your last breath, and your heart beats for the last time, idols will not help you one bit.

There is nothing idols can do for you… nothing, zilch, nada.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to The Father but by Jesus Christ. God help us ALL WE PRAY…IN JESUS NAME…AMEN.


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