Please Do Not Reject Jesus Christ. Some Words Of Truth.

God wishes none would perish, but that ALL would come to repentance.

Will you ponder some words of truth, though you be up in
years, or yet in your youth?

With each passing day your life spins by, Death creeps closer till
it’s your turn to die.

On your bed of death the thought comes to mind – all your dear loved
ones you must leave behind.

They speak words of comfort and try not to cry, but there is no
comfort; it’s your turn to die.

As you reflect upon many wasted years, your poor heart saddens and
your eyes fill with tears.

You spent so much time for family and friends, yet so little time
being grieved for your sins.

You sped through your years consuming worldly pleasures, yet never
investing in Heavenly treasures.

With these sobering thoughts you begin to grow scared; it’s your turn
to die, and you have not prepared!

Year after year you rejected God’s Son; over and over the Gospel you would shun.

God’s Spirit which spoke to your once tender heart has now been
replaced with Satan’s stinging dart.

Like a tale which is told, your life has flown by, your days are
expired, and it’s your turn to die.

A piercing chill suddenly fills the air while Death enters the room
like a strange nightmare.

But this is no dream, the time has arrived; you’ll die in a moment to
never be revived.

All loved ones fade as Death closes in; your body lies helpless, and
you cannot win.

With one final struggle you gasp for your breath to find your soul in
the arms of Death!

As loved ones gaze upon your lifeless frame, your soul makes its
journey to the Land of the Flame.

“Why me?” you cry, “I wasn’t that bad!” But then you recall all the
chances you had.

Time and time again God’s humble servants came – offering you
salvation in Jesus’ name.

But you cared not for God’s holy plan; you despised His servants, and
from His truth you ran.

Now as your feet, sink into the flame, all hope is gone to trust in His name.

Deeper you go into the fiery bath, having traded God’s mercy for His
never-ending wrath.

While horror fills your soul and the pain multiplies, your screams
simply fade into the smoke-filled skies.

As you wade through the flames seeking consolation, those you
encounter have the same condemnation.

There’s no one to help, there’s nowhere to turn; refuge has fled, and
you’re left here to burn!

As your loved ones back home in the world above comfort one another
with words of love,

They’re all unaware of your sad plight beneath, of your weeping, your
wailing, and your gnashing teeth!

They’ll soon gently lay your body in the ground, but of your screams
below they won’t hear a sound.

Never again will you see a smiling face, only faces of agony in this
damnable place.

No children playing with whom to share your love, not another second
with your sweetheart above.

No food to eat, no water in sight, forever you’re a captive to Hell’s
dark night!

Sunsets have vanished, no mountains, no streams, only roaring flames
and soul-piercing screams!

At last you now see your error so well: when you said “No” to Jesus,
you said “Yes” to Hell.


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